King of Monsters

Created exclusively for the Supahcute "Kaiju Show 2" (which opens 3/14/2015) at Leanna Lin's Wonderland Gallery in California. Inspired by Godzilla and other Toho kaiju monsters. Print details (daytime version): - 16"x8" giclee canvas print - Signed and numbered edition of 2 The "Night" variant will debut and go on sale at a later date this year as a limited edition 16"x8" giclee paper print. Stay tuned! Extra tidbit: The Japanese text at the top "キング・オブ・モンスター" actually reads "King of Monsters". The title/phrase "King of the Monsters" for Godzilla was created for the American version (and others outside of Japan) of the 1956 Japanese version of the movie. Since the phrase does not translate directly into Japanese the word "the" is omitted from the phrase entirely.

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